When to Seek a Care Manager

  1. If you leave your doctor’s office and are unclear about what to do or have trouble explaining the visit to your family, we can help.
  2. When your adult children are at odds over what is best for you, we can help.
  3. When you have multiple doctors and want to be sure each one knows your health care needs, which can change quickly and get complicated, we can help.
  4. If you are depending on your financial advisor┬áto “watch out for you,” but want another set of expert eyes, we can help.
  5. If taking your medications has become too complicated, we can help.
  6. If taking care of a household is overwhelming, we can help.
  7. When you visit your parents and thing are not as they seemed over the phone, we can help.
  8. If you don’t have a safety net in the absence of family living nearby, we can help.